YOU*niverse Rainbow Light Catchers!! diy suncatchers with crystals! YouTube kids!

YOU*niverse Rainbow Light Catchers! Sophia loved this fun gift from her grandparents. We spent a whole day designing and creating fun suncatchers to hang in her window! This is a fun small motor and STEM activity. She got to learn all about crystals!

#stem #unicorn #diy

“Discover the beauty behind rainbow science and phases of matter as you design your own suncatchers with the You*niverse Rainbow Light Catchers! From unicorns to geodes, shooting stars to diamonds, this set includes 4 trendy mosaic suncatcher frames for you to make completely unique. After you choose which frame you’d like to design first, plan out your crystal colors. Place the frame on a covered cookie sheet and carefully pour the melty crystals inside — mix and match colors to make majestic hues or design a color-blocking pattern for your mosaic, whatever you choose, don’t forget the glitter! When your crystals lay evenly in the suncatcher frame, pop it in the oven for a few minutes and see the properties of matter in action — your crystals will transform from chunky beads to a gorgeous glass-like design! After it cools, thread the trendy fabric cording or elastic through the loophole at the top of the suncatcher frame and attach it to the included suction cups. Hang your crystal mosaic suncatchers in a window or anywhere outdoors to watch them catch the sun’s beautiful rays and transform them into a rainbow of colors!”

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