What type of gold jewelry is best for you | Gold Fill, Plated, Vermeil, Solid | Metal sensitivity

We’re breaking down the differences in cost, durability, and quality of Gold Filled, Gold Plated, Vermeil, and Solid Gold jewelry!

Gold Plated is the most inexpensive option, least durable, and can be hard for those to wear if you have sensitive skin. Vermeil jewelry is a similar option to Gold Plated, though it has a Sterling Silver core which can be more noticeable as the thin gold layer wears off.

Gold Fill is the higher quality alternative to Solid Gold. It is made with pressure bonding and contains a higher percentage of gold for long term wear. This is our Solid Gold metal alternative of choice! It is also great for those with sensitive skin.

All of our products can also be made in 14k Solid Gold which is the highest quality metal, longest lasting, and rarely affects those with skin sensitivities. Send us an email if you have any questions! naomi@hannahnaomi.com

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0:00 Basic Differences of Plated, Vermeil, Filled Metal
0:36 What is Gold Plated
1:25 What is Gold Vermeil
2:00 What is Gold Fill
3:02 Solid 14K Gold
3:16 Gold Plated & Vermeil – Budget + Durability
3:43 Gold Fill – Budget + Durability
4:06 Solid Gold – Budget + Durability
4:32 Metal Sensitivity
6:19 Where To Wear Different Metals
6:58 Thanks for watching 🙂

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