The BEST Healing Crystals For Your Life Path Number!

There are many different crystals, which have a very different meaning for each person and therefore have a different effect on each person.
Numerology works with the vibration of numbers, but energies are around us all the time, and crystals have strong energetic vibrations on their own as well.

It is very beneficial to combine the vibration of crystals with the vibration of your numerological number. That combination can have a calming effect, support healing efforts when you are ill, and attract luck as well as protect you from negative influences.

Today we are looking at the best crystal for each life path number.

Once you have found the right crystal, you can use it in different ways.
For example, you can wear this stone on a chain directly on your body. This way it will touch your heart chakra. You can also place the stone in a room to get the appropriate effect.

Now, let’s have a look at the crystals. There are more than one, but today we introduce you to the two important ones according to your life path number.