The Best Gem & Mineral Show In The World?! Denver 2021 MAIN SHOW!! Hardrock Summit : Evolution. 4K

The Denver 2021 Main Show was above and beyond anything I had expected! Come watch in 4k world class mineral specimens put on display at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. This is by far the most impressive gem show I’ve ever seen!

Special thanks to Bryan Lees (President, The Collectors Edge) for the awesome information on The Alma Trio!

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0:00 – WOAH!
1:55 – Intro
4:10 – 1st Room
12:15 – Heading to Main Room
14:56 – MEET BRYAN LEES, President, The Collectors Edge.
18:35 – Main Show Room! The Holy Grail!
40:15 – Augmented Reality Minerals & NFT Minerals
45:55 – Back to the Main Room!
54:44 – Thank you for watching 🙂

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