Species of Spaces – Teesside University (28 Mar 2014)

Christian Bök performs a repertoire of poems at Teeside University in Darlington (UK) for ‘Species of Spaces,’ in honour of Georges Perec:


Introduction – Species of Spaces (Simon Morris) (at 0:00)

Performances (Christian Bök)
Dédicage (R. Murray Schafer) (at 5:45)
Chapter I – Excerpt (at 10:10)
Voyelles (Arthur Rimbaud) (at 11:45)
Phonemes (at 15:05)
W (at 19:05)
Emended Excess – Excerpt (at 22:10)
Two Equal Texts (at 23:30)
Ten Maps of Sardonic Wit (at 25:15)
The Great Order of the Universe (at 27:10)
Valuvëula (at 29:35)
The Late Heavy Bombardment – Excerpt (at 32:05)
Genetic Engineering (at 39:50)
A Virus from Outer Space (at 42:00)
The Red Rain of Kerala (at 42:50)
The Extremophile (at 46:30)
The Xenotext (at 56:05)
The Perfect Malware (at 59:55)

Conclusion – Species of Spaces (Christian Bök) (at 1:11:00)