SGTV Live Crystal Sale

Im taking a break from the Denver Gem and Mineral Show to bring you our favorite live sale! Join us live at 3:30pm PDT to shop for rare and beautiful crystals, gemstones, jewelry and more!

In order to take part in our Live Gemstone sale, please ensure that you have completed the following BEFORE the event goes live:

1. Please make sure that you have a registered Sage Goddess account. Click here to set up and register your account:

2. Please ensure that you have added your YouTube Account Name to your account before the sale. To do this, click here:…. Make sure that you click “Save Changes” when you’re done!

If you are a lucky winner, we will email you an invoice after the event with payment details. Your items will be shipped to you once we receive your payment via the Sage Goddess website.

PS: Click here to find your YouTube account name: Your username is to the right of your profile picture and directly above your email address.

For more collectible crystals visit our website here:


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