My Top Instagram Crystal Accounts • Where I Shop For Crystals

I get asked a lot where I shop for crystals. This video explains it all with my TOP 10 Instagram crystal accounts! This video is meant to show support to the crystal community + small businesses all around the world, where I find their crystals to be truly extraordinary. I personally follow, shop, and have bought (some) crystals from the accounts listed. If you’re looking for some crystal inspiration or need to find a shop to buy a specific crystal, please check out these Instagram accounts below!

Shout out a crystal shop YOU love, comment below their Instagram handle so I can check em out!

My personal instagram is @keekee92 if you want to follow me!

IG: @quartzetc

IG: @citrinevail

IG: @cleanseandco

IG: @rocksforthespirit

IG: (old) @aureliancrystals (new) @sourcedfromthestars

IG: @theearthsgems

IG: @illuminateyourvibe

IG: @mercuryx_shop

IG: @thesacredcrystal

IG: @the_crystalcoven

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