Milky way resin coasters & trying total boat table top epoxy

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When working with #resin always work in a well ventilated area. Wear a respirator with organic vapor filters and wear nitrile gloves.

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Check out my snowflake agate coaster tutorial if you are new to resin and want to see step by step how to mix your resin and pigments.

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The resin I used today was total boat table top epoxy Here’s the link to their resin on their website. It’s easy to use 1 to 1 ratio, 20 minute working time 30 minute gel time. I really likes working with it.

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I am now using KSRESIN for top coats on all of my coasters and art. I used their liquid stone countertop resin. I also have a discount code for any of their products as well. Discount code Naptime will save you 5% on any purchase. Here’s the link to their liquid stone resin.
Liquid Stone™ Countertop Epoxy Resin

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The geode coaster molds & fairy forrest sparkler glitter used in today’s video are from @Dryer Days Art Studio Check out her website for your glitters, silicone molds & pigments. Discount code NAPTIME will give you extra savings. Here’s the link to the geode coaster molds used in today’s video

The blueberry sparkle glitter, snowdrift glitter, suncatcher pigment and angel white epoxy paste used in today’s video are from Laura’s art corner. She has a store on Facebook with tons of glitter, pigments, fireglass, 3d embellishments for your art and more. Check her out, here is the link to the blueberry sparkle glitter used in today’s video.

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3M half face respirator I use. You must purchase 3M organic vapor filter cartridges separately.

3M organic vapor filters/cartridges I use on my respirator

Mehron gold pigment powder

Heat gun I use for resin art, it comes with attachments.

Table top ring light I use for lighting

Cell phone tripod I use for filming

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Safety Disclaimer
Before you create ALWAYS read all of the instructions and safety labels on all of the products you are going to use. I am no expert I am just sharing the way I like to create art and any tips/tricks I have learned along the way. ALWAYS wear proper safety gear when working with resin and paint. I ALWAYS work in a well ventilated area. Also always wear nitrile gloves and a full face respirator when I work with resin. Remember to have fun and be safe when you are creating. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby your Creation station. Thank you 🙂

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