Living Room 20 Incredible Living Room With Mirror

20 Incredible Living Rooms with Mirrors

20 Incredible Living Rooms with Mirrors

Mirrors make the living room appear spacious just like these spaces in the list.

1. Astor Street Residence

Well, this living room sure is already large and adding the large mirrors creates a more larger feel and look to it.

2. Belvedere

Here is a longitudinal version of the mirror before this. This mirror sure creates an illusion of the living room being higher than it already is.
3. Brighton House

The monochromatic look of this Brighton house is just stunning.

4. Choy Residence 2

The mirror in here sure is large which covers the fireplace mantle and ends at the ceiling. I love how this one is in fact square in shape and it looks that it actually belongs in there! It’s definitely a perfect fit!

5. Emerson House

his charming living room is adorned with four small rectangular mirrors above the white large couch. It adds an accent to the plain walls while at the same time creating and illusion of a longer space while looking at the mirrors.

6. Gallery Flat

Another mantle to ceiling mirror that is just sitting across the lovely vintage chandelier! Looking at this living room, you’d know that they have a thing for beautiful things because they added those cute elephant figures just beside the fireplace.

7. Greenwich Apartment
Oh what a stunning living room with the most romantic feel to it! Not just the candle lit in the center of the room but with all the romantic choices of furniture and decoration too.

8. Grimsby Home

We only see a portion of the couch through the mirrors on the wall and I think that the vintage look of the couch match the vintage design of the chairs by the working table.

9. Kingswood Residence
A while ago, I was talking about a romantic living space and this one is something similar to that.

10. Mott House

The drum chandelier in the middle of the room looks a little small for this space but it surely matches with the color scheme that this space have.

11. New Cross Gate Apartment

What a beautiful red couch! Or is it? From this point of view, I could say it looks either red or bright pink! Whatever the color of this couch might be, I think it looks awesome! It brightens this entire white space and hints of color just seems to pop!

12. NYC Loft

Michael Maher sure did justice to how a New York loft should actually look like! It’s large and spacious, fabulous and definitely multi-functional! With a living like this one, you can cater to different types of family members or friends – people who loves to read; people who likes to relax and chill and a whole lot of different people in between!

13. Pretty Penthouse

Wanting to actually add a color to your living room? Well this pretty penthouse sure did a great job! The blue vintage couch looks gorgeous and definitely awesome paired with the black and white area carpet and industrial floor lamp.

14. Princess Square

What do you think about using two different couches with different colors like this one in here? They sure match since this color combination is a classic.

15. San Carlos Residence
What a about a mosaic-inspired mirror for the living room? It sure looks fancy and unique because, truth be told, it’s not every day that we actually see mosaic mirrors.
16. Sloane Square Apartment
A beautiful and contemporary living room with the most sophisticated look any space could actually have. It’s straight up sleek, clean and fancy. Not much drama going on in here.

17. Surrey Hills Terrace

Here is a simple approach to a contemporary home – a simple but homey living room! The pieces of furniture and color choice is something worth the look and price of these things because they are in fact wonderful and easy to the eyes.

18. The Notting Hill

Mirror on the wall and mirrored coffee tables – what do you think about this fancy living room in Monocacy Park? The furniture looks simple but really fancy and the decoration choices are nice and unique.

19. Ukraine Contemporary
A white living room sure is easy to decorate since any color that you’d use with and on it would always turn out well. Of course, there are some considerations and careful planning is needed to achieve a design which will not be too much or too subtle – unless you want it to be.

20. Waterfront Retreat

Look at the finale of this list! A floor to ceiling mirror that faces the fireplace and check out how lovely it actually is! If you notice, the furniture and decorations in this living room are mid-century in theme and they are just so perfect with all the elements inside this space!