I tried a $10,000 crystal healing bed. Here’s what I learned.

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EDIT: to clarify from some of your comments, I paid for a one hour session in the crystal bed. I did not pay $10,000 for the bed. The cost of the bed made for a compelling title. Still, I call the possibility that people considered that, “The Mr Beast Effect”

Crystal healing, where you meditate, sit or otherwise use crystals to fix some ailment, is insanely popular. But when it has no scientific or medical basis — why do people believe in it? I came to Sedona Arizona to find a collection of 40+ crystals in my Airbnb. So, this is my journey to understand *why*. I think that we are often quick to dismiss people who turn to pseudoscience, when there is more to be understood about human nature in why this happens. In making this video, I wanted to learn and talk to people with different beliefs to my own. Please be nice to each other

Thank you to Prof. Timothy Caulfield for his time. His new book Your Day, Your Way: https://amzn.to/2NzpN4G
Thank you to Shannon from Reiki Gem Wellness for speaking with me. Her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSShjWIgWHd0bIlK63TNvmQ

This video was produced and edited by Vanessa Hill and Dominique Taylor.

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