I Bought Artificial Plants for Indoors From ChhajedGarden.com || Experience & Review

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In today’s video I am sharing my experience about some artificial plants that I bought online. I love online shopping. Online shopping is easy as you get to see so many options just sitting at your place in your comfortable pyjamas.

I shop online nearly for everything. Right from my groceries to my clothes everything that I buy comes through rigorous online searches and finally deciding taking my own sweet time and then buying it.

So, I bout these 3 plants from Chhajedgarden.com. The name of the plants are as follows:

1) Artificial Bamboo Palm Real Touch 3′ for ₹4,299.00
2) Artificial Monstra Philo Mini Plant 1.25′ for ₹1,249.00

The first plant that is artificial bamboo palm real touch reached me at a pathetic condition. The packaging was really bad and I was surprised so see that it looks no where near how it looks on their website. The plant was badly squeezed as all the 3 plants came in a rectangular box. While I was able to spread the stems for the smaller plants. I am still trying to make bamboo palm tree look a little sensible in shape. I hope after rigours work I will be able to make it look at least decent enough to keep in my balcony if not in my living room. Though I bought it for my living room.

Anyways I contacted them but all they could say was that they have delivered what was ordered and they can take back the plant only if I am ready to bear the cost of the return shipping.

I am not sure why the customer service was not able to understand when I explained them on an email that the product delivered to me is not looking in good condition. And that they should deliver a good product first before explaining the pricing policy and terms and conditions. After all, customer satisfaction should be the basic priority of such a big website! Isn’t it?

So, watch my experience, I am not asking you to not buy products from them. It is my experience and my thought that in local market I get better plants here in Bengaluru. Please be aware that I am not trying to influence you to not buy from them or to buy from them or to buy from any other particular seller. However, if you have bought plants online do share your experience in the comment section below!

Hope you like the video!

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