How to spot #gold plated #jewelry

How to spot #gold plated jewelry

Millionaire gold dealer here.
How to get gold and silver under world trading prices, under spot price.
This is a video I’m going to attribute this video to silver and gold stacker community, it’s really an amazing community I appreciate all of you and I thank all of you for your inspiration

How to get gold and silver under world trading price. Also how to get free gold and silver. That’s right how to stack bullion, coins and bars for under world spot trading price. And how to get some of that for free. The full video for this is on YouTube and Facebook

Also I want to state upfront I’m not a bullion dealer and in no way whatsoever am I trying to discredit bullion dealers, in a lot of cases it’s better if you do buy from bullion dealers for security reasons and selection, you can always find a much cooler selection if your going for cool.

But for those of you who are educated or experienced stackers it might interest you to build your stack faster, cheaper and free in some cases.

So let’s get into it. What I’m going to show you right now is not a theory, it’s not an idea it’s tried tested and true. I’ve done this for years now went thru a painful process of trial and error to find the most profitable solutions in this industry.

So enough of my rambling and on to business

The tip that I’m going to share with you guys today is pretty simple.
Place ads. Place ads in all your free media, social media wherever even on personal Facebook, Twitter , anywhere you can stating that you buy gold and silver and that you’ll pay them cash for it, that you’re looking for it.
Not on a business level necessarily, you can if you want , just personally you’re interested in buying. Some people put out ads saying I’m looking for this or that.

If you have ads out and they’re not costing you any money after awhile you will build a reputation people will just come to you.
You know if you want to do that, you don’t have to it can just be a phone number and you meet them at a coffee shop, but your going to get people seeking you out and selling their gold and silver to you cheaper

Coins, obviously you stack
But if you start getting into scrap.
This isn’t scrap this is in really good shape, but I got this 68gram chain 14k very very strong 14k I’d probably say its 15k when I tested it. 68 grams and I got it for ten dollars under spot price.
So you know that’s six hundred and eighty dollars savings .
That’s under spot, it retails for a heck of a lot more than that , I could turn around and sell that and make a ton of money, or I can melt it into a gold bar.

So with a few tools which you can get really easily and learn how to use really simply, you could be buying up scrap gold ,chains , rings and silver . No one buys silver, pawnshops don’t really even buy silver I don’t think
So your able to get a ton of people seeking you out.
Bringing you precious metals gold and silver, or whatever you want to deal in, under, well under spot price
I mean with stuff like this you could turn around sell them, trade them, whatever , make a premium
This is a 37.5gram pure gold coin , well it’s got some other alloy and it’s actually 41grams but in any case it’s got 37.5grams of pure gold in it , so you pay ten dollars per gram under spot, or even five you’re still making a lot of money $160 $180 dollars on an ounce $200 even
I’ve been able to pick up coins for ten dollars under ,
So you’re talking $310 on an ounce under spot price
Plus you’re saving the premium , so if you were to turn around and resell them you’re making the premium plus what you saved or if you’re just looking to stack your stack a heck of a lot faster and get real value out of your investment you can buy up all the time all different quantities from a couple grams to hundreds of grams 50 grams 60grams 30grams will be coming to you falling in your lap all the time , well under spot
It can be fun for you if you want to melt into your own bars
So you keep the coins and bars that you buy
If you get scrap you could just keep it. This case I did or you can turn around and melt it into gold bars

You can also refine it bringing it back to purity 99.999999 whatever
Or you can just melt 14k bars 10k bars however you want to do it

In any case it’s amazing, you will be able to stack a lot faster get a lot more value, and people coming to you vs. You seeking out and paying a premium, you won’t get the cool ass coins that you want, some will come sometimes you get some pretty cool coins
But mostly you’ll just get old government coins, whatever, nothing fancy, but you’re getting it cheap and you can melt it if you want

I keep all the coins, I don’t care what condition they’re in
And I melt all the scrap into bars and I stack it that way

Anyway I hope this video helped you guys out and if you want to know anything more contact me Id be happy to help you no problem

I really appreciate all of you guys in the community,
Appreciate you