How To Make Pink Crystal and Copper Wire Earrings | Tutorial for Beginners | Natimo Studio

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– You will need some round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, wire cutters, a bead board, 20 pink crystal 4mm bicones, 0.8mm copper wire, 0.4mm copper wire, a ring gauge and some rose gold plated ear wires.
– First, cut 2 lengths of 0.8mm copper wire about 4 inches long (10cm).
– Bend each one around the ring gauge to make the hoop.
– Cut a 4 inch/10cm length of the 0.4mm wire and anchor it to the hoop about half an inch from the top where the 2 ends meet.
– Make sure to flatten down the ends of the 0.4mm wire so there aren’t any sharp edges sticking out.
– Then thread on the crystals one by one wrapping the wire around 2 or 3 times in between. Try to space out the crystals evenly.
– You may need to cut several lengths of wire to do this as it’s easier to wrap the wire in short lengths.
– Anchor the end of the wire at the other side of the hoop.
– Then cut some more 10cm lengths of 0.4mm wire and continue to wrap them around the hoop to secure the hoop together.
– Copper wire can be quite malleable so you may need to wrap some more 10cm lengths of 0.4mm wire around the area where the crystals are to strengthen it.
– Create a jump ring by wrapping 0.8mm wire around the base of your round nose pliers.
– Attach to the top of the hoop and the fish hook ear wires. Repeat with the other earring.

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