How To Make Beautiful Beaded Sun Catchers // EverythingAJ’s

How To Make Beautiful Beaded Sun Catchers // EverythingAJ’s

Beaded Suncatcher Tutorial. Watch the process of how to do it yourself when creating a beaded suncatcher. This video is breaking down how I select my beads to create the hand made design. The beauty of learning how much fun these crystals are and how stunning they will be when hanging in the window. The DIY Suncatcher tutorial is the perfect way to watch and learn all at the same time. I’m beading this project up in real time so let’s make it together. It doesn’t matter to me if you wish to call it a window crystal or Suncatcher it all does the same in capturing the sparkle and spreading rainbows all over!

• I finish this Suncatcher in another video about adding charms and finishing up here;

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Here’s another video I did on beaded Suncatchers to check out.

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