How to Make a Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet | DIY Beaded Bracelet with Pearl Beads & Acrylic Beads

Hello everyone, it’s Kissitty Jewelry here. Today we will show you an exquisite bracelet design using freshwater pearl beads and purple acrylic beads.

The pearl beads are naturally cultured, so they are different from each other and perfect for making personalized jewelry. Their unique shapes and beautiful glossy take the bracelet design up a level.

Besides, the purple acrylic beads are eye-catching, and the brass cable chains add a stylish feel to the bracelet.

Material List:
(1)Freshwater Pearl Beads;
(2)Purple Acrylic Beads;
(3)Brass Cable Chains with Round Beads;
(4)2.5×2.1×0.3×0.4mm Brass Cable Chains.


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