Flower Agate’s Metaphysical & Healing Properties

The Metaphysical Properties of Crystals Series Episode 1 – Flower Agate

In the first episode of the Metaphysical Properties series, I delve into the metaphysical properties of Flower Agate, and how Flower Agate helped me on my journey. I thank you all for joining me on this new journey in growing the Simply Affinity crystal family through YouTube! “Flower Agate has many amazing metaphysical properties that encourage self-growth. The best analogy to describe the energy flowing from Flower Agate is “from seed to blossom,” because Flower Agate will help you to blossom and reach your full potential. It can aid as a protector from your own fears & self-doubt to allow you to grow.” For more information on this wonderful gem, feel free to visit our blog post on Flower Agate: https://simplyaffinity.com/blogs/news/flower-agate-metaphysical-healing-properties

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