Final Fantasy X Tip Video – How to get 0.0.0 on Catcher Chocobo To Get The Sun Sigil!

Hello and welcome to a Final Fantasy X tip video, and thanks for watching!

This video has my own views about how to attempt the very irritating Chocobo Catcher minigame, which you need to do in order to get Tidus’ Sun Sigil to power up his Celestial weapon Caladbolg.

You have to get a final time of 0.00 in order to get the Sigil.  Each bird adds 3 seconds to your time (as well as physically slowing you down) and each balloon deducts 3 seconds from your time. For example, if you cross the line at 38.2 seconds with 14 balloons and 1 bird, the balloons would reduce your time by 14 x 3 = 42 seconds and 1 balloon deducts 3 seconds so your final time would be 38.2 – 42 + 3 = -0.8 which would give you a time of less than zero and reward you with the Sun Sigil!

Here are my main tips for this minigame to hopefully make it a little more bearable:

– Use the dpad not the analog stick
– Avoiding birds is FAR FAR FAR more important than getting balloons.
– Do not be tempted to move left to get the balloons on the trainer’s side
– The balloon placement is largely luck based so stay patient and wait for a good setup
– There are 3 sections of the race: starting stretch, first section, and end section
– For the starting stretch just try to get the balloons on your side, only using small taps of the dpad
– On the first main section (after the first turn) ALWAYS dodge the birds in that section going from Left to right
– On the end section, try to stay far right and dodge the birds from Right to Left
– Stay patient and use bad runs or poor balloon placements to practice dodging birds
– Stay calm and try not to get frustrated!

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