DIY Living Wall Frames using Air Plants and Orchids!

If you are looking for the preserved dyed moss we used in this video, check the link below (You may need more than one bag, depending on the size of frame you go with):

Most of the other components and tools should be straightforward and can be found on Amazon or your local/craft stores. When choosing a wire mesh, we recommend that the holes of the grid are not too large. The one we used in the video has 1/2 inch holes.

Air plants (Tillandsia) are great for beginners and a bit easier to attach to the wire mesh. Below are the specific plants we used in the video, but there are an assortment of air plants or miniature orchids that can work!

The plants featured in this video:
Laelia dayana:
Tillandsia bergeri:
Tillandsia incarnata:
Search for all of our current available Tillandsia:

This video also accompanies a blog you can read here: