Crystals for Protection! These 7 Seriously Work Like Magic!

Discover the Top 7 Protection Crystals that seriously work like magic to protect you from all sorts of negativity, electromagnetic frequencies, thoughtforms, entities and detrimental energies…

Learn the Top 7 Crystals for Protection Now!

Each of these protection stones are included for different reasons…

Not all protection stones and crystals work the same. Also when it comes to choosing the best crystals for you, I always recommend honoring your intuition, and which of these you are most drawn to and naturally resonate with.

However I do share in this video the type of protection these different crystals offer, so you can take that into account and choose accordingly whether you’re looking for crystals for protection against spirits, protection from negative energy, mental protection and shielding against negative thoughtforms, or if you’re looking for something more generally protective and supportive of your physical vessel… There are stones for that too!

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There are so many incredible crystals to choose from, so this is of course, not a comprehensive list of stones that offer protection.

These are however my top picks and the stones I cherish having arond me for their supportive, and protective energy.

The Stones and Crystals for Protection I feature in this video include:
Black Tourmaline
Indigo Gabbro
Lapis Lazuli
Smoky Quartz

What would you add to this list?

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