Crescent Moon Suncatcher DIY Activity Kit by Bitsy Supply | Wire Wrapping Great For Beginners

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This Video is Part of a Kit.

Each kit has an a companion beading tutorial that walks you through making a suncatcher.
That’s what you are watching right now.
We offer pliers as an in-box option for all our kits. This makes a perfect gift – an all-in-one activity.

If you aren’t doing the all-in-one gift, we’d recommend getting these pliers (Paid Link):

We’ve included these pliers in our kits before. We still do on occasion. They are good enough – and affordable enough – for beginners. No quality issues.

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This kit is intended for adults or teens under supervision, as the wires can be a bit pokey if you’re not careful. I would recommend working on a sturdy surface or placing beads on a small dish so that you don’t lose any pieces if you bump the table. If you own cats, try not to draw their attention because you’ll have trouble keeping them away.

DISCLAIMER: The release of these craft kits does not in any way endorse the copying of this design or our other suncatcher designs. You may use the physical product contained in these kits however you like, but reproduction of instructional text, video, or photos for commercial purposes is prohibited.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us!