Come Check Out My Rock/Mineral Specimens & Crystal Collection – Just A Small Sample Of What I Have..

If you’re interested and purchasing any one of these beautiful crystals or rock mineral specimens please go to my main page Future’s Past and look for the banner on top with the pictures of antiques in it.

In the right top hand corner it will say: My Etsy Shop. click on that link and contact me in my Etsy store for more details on what you are interested in.

Some of the crystals making a cameo appearance in this video are:

Red Hematite Quartz
Apophyllite w/ Stilbite
Zeolites (Apophyllite, Chalcedony), etc…
Smoky Rutile Quartz
Congo Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Quartz Clusters
Brazilian Smoky Quartz
Quartz w/ Tourmaline inclusions
Pink Platy Nailhead Stacked Pagoda Calcite
Golden Healer Quartz
Chalcedony aka Spirit Quartz
Crystal Points
Double Terminated quartz, fluorite, smoky quartz
smoky quartz tower
Orange Himalayan Quartz
Quartz with Epidote
Gold Lepidolite/Mica Star Cluster
Baluchistan Pakistan Blade/Tabular Smoky Quartz Crystal with Brookite