Colombian Quartz, Different Variations & Their Metaphysical Properties! Crystals And Coffee!

There are many different variations of Colombian quartz, so I thought I’d make a video showing yall! Colombian quartz is by far some of the highest quality stuff out there, with its needle like formations, to water clear crystals. All of it is just amazing! Most of what you guys see is for sale on my Etsy shop linked below. If you’re intrested in some of the bigger pieces, email me!


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0:00 Crystals n’ Coffee!
6:55 Colombian Quartz /w Siderite & Limonite
11:18 Colombian Quartz /w Blue Mist
15:40 Colombain Quartz /w White Crown
19:59 Halloysite Quartz (Mango Quartz)
22:52 Pena Blanca
22:45 Big One. (Video out of focus. oops!)