Special thanks/credits

Indigenous Sails wants to express its gratitude to the following persons who contributed extensively to the compilation of this chapter about the pinisi:

- Gerard Dijkstra, Naval architect, Gerard Dijkstra Naval Partners

- Horst Liebner, Anthropologist specialized in Indonesian maritime history

- Dick Bergsma, Sea Trek Sailing Adventures

- Robin Engel, Songline Cruises

- Sybout Porte, publicist in Makassar, Sulawesi

Photo credits:

Pekerja dan Perahu  by Tjetjep Rustandi

21-photo_-pinisi-replica-pinisi-luxury-yacht_-by_-worldwide-dive_-and_-sail_-2004  by Worldwide Dive and Sail

22-photo_-jakarta-harbor-full_-of_-pinisi-by_-loose_-grip_-2009  by Loose Grip

19-photo_-seven_-sail_-pinisi-under_-sail_-by_-george-s-white_-1946   by George S. White