Where can you find junks?

The South Chinese Sea, the East Chinese Sea and the Yellow Sea used to be the places where you could meet junks by the thousands. Hong Kong and to a lesser extent Macau where synonymous with this vessel, that was used for transport and partly for fishing too. These days in Hong Kong and Macau they only appear on advertising billboards or on talismans in key chains. The junk as a functional ship has retreated, to an area starting east of Macau all the way westwards to the southern tip of Vietnam. After extensive research among experts we compiled the following list of the last places on the world where working traditional junk might be found:  

- Ha Long Bay, near Haiphong, North Vietnam,
- Trà Co. North Vietnam, near Chinese border, 
- Hoi An/Dà Nnang, Central Vietnam,
- Northern part of Hainan Island, South China,
- Zhoushan island, Zhejian province, Central China.