Visit a shipyard

The jangadas are build in the artisanal way and the knowledge of how to do this is passed on from father to son. These boats are not particularly hard to construct and therefore most fishermen build there vessels themselves, in their own backyard. There are few special jangada shipyards, as with most other traditional boats like Arabian dhows or Indonesian pinisis.

If your are lucky you can find them under construction not far from the beach in the above mentioned villages. An exception is Prainha do Canto Verde, Ceará. They have a yard there where jangadas and catamarans for fishing are being built. A group of young entrepreneurs runs a carpenter shop here.

,Jangada will continue to be the preferred fishing vessel´

René Schärer, community worker in Prainha do Canto Verde, 2009

“Artisanal fishers prefer their jangadas over working on a industrial fishing vessel. Fishermen who were ambitious enough to borrow money from the bank soon found out that motorized boats are not viable economically in a reef fishery with great biodiversity.

Jangadas of 4 to 6 meters will be around for a long time to come. They are easy to build and to maintain and are perfect for coastal fisheries and 1 night trips. The jangada remains the boat of choice for most people here. I became convinced that the jangada will continue to be the preferred fishing boat in this area. It has a future.´´