- The French city of Nantes organised in 2003 a festival with the theme ,brazil´. They even build several jangadas. Part of the website they put up for the event is dedicated to jangadas.

- An interesting blog is Indigenous Boats, on ,small craft outside the western tradition´, by an American boating afficionado called Bob Holtzman, who regularly updates his site. Including information on jangadas.

- The American association Endangered Coast is working to promote conservation of the earth coastal shores. It is currently focusing on the Brasilian coast, so the jangadas get a lot of attention. Good photowork.

- The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers, ICSF, an organisation based in India and Brussels working for the interests of artisanal fishermen worldwide.

- The Brasilian city of Paracuru has a website (in Portugese), with a report on the latest jangada regatta in their town.

- A study by the Hawaii Pacific University on sustainable tourism, with the jangadas and tourist facilities of Prainha do Canto Verde at the center.