- Renata of Champions Morro Branco, Beberibe, 1st of August 2010,

- Regata de Majorlandia 25 of October 2010,

- Regata Ecologica da Prainha do Canto Verde, 28 of November 2010.

There are other regattas without a starting date known months in advance: in Caponga, Paracuru, Aquiraz, Pontal do Maceio, Ponta Grossa (icapui).

´Stability is a problem´

Jorge de Souza, editor of Nautica, Brasil, 2009

,,I sailed a jangada several times and concluded that it is not an easy boat to handle. It has only one sail and stability is a problem. Even if you are a professional sailor you might find it hard in the beginning. The boat is very simple and it is a different way of sailing than what most people are used to. The best way to arrange a trip is to go to Fortaleza or the surrounding villages and ask the hotels if they can arrange that. I think that of all the indigenous boats in the world the jangadas are the most beautiful.´´