Best Crystals to Wear Everyday

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One of the best ways to enjoy crystal energy is through wearing crystals in jewelry whether it be in a necklace, earrings, ring, or bracelet. Because each crystal carries a different energy, it’s a good idea to do a rotation of healing crystal jewelry to support you in different aspects of your life. The following are just some of the different crystals you can wear every day.

Amethyst. This crystal is good for stress-relief and relaxation. It works to clear your body, mind, and spirit of any stress or tension so you can reach a higher frequency and tap into your inner peace and calm. Amethyst earrings are especially powerful for bringing peace of mind because they sit closer to your upper Chakras.

Black Tourmaline. This crystal helps to eliminate negative energy. When you wear this crystal and you have a negative thought on repeat or someone says something hurtful to you, it works to absorb the negativity and remove it from your energy field, almost like you never heard or thought those words in the first place.

Labradorite. Wearing this crystal will help to open you up to your limitless potential. The flashes of light within your Labradorite stones act as a constant reminder of your inner power and strength. By helping you recognize the possibilities that surround you, this crystal will inspire you to your true potential. Labradorite earrings connect with your upper Chakras and open your eyes to your true potential.

Moonstone. This crystal is thought to raise your vibration. Moonstone earrings also address your upper Chakras and allow you to plug into a powerful source of light and positivity. When you raise your energetic frequency, you can manifest intentions like never before. Wearing Moonstone jewelry also offers the perfect energy to refresh and recharge whatever intentions you are working on. This extra boost of energy can help make your dreams come true.

Pyrite. This stone will help to shift your money mindset. Wearing Pyrite encourages you to take a look at how you talk about and think about money. By evaluating, and shifting your money mindset, you can then begin to create an inner environment that reflects how you want your outer environment to look. Keep your thoughts and words at the highest vibration to manifest the wealth and success you desire.

Rose Quartz. This crystal is good for embracing positive self-talk. Wearing Rose Quartz will ensure that only positive words come to mind, so you can build yourself up instead of putting yourself down. Embracing positive affirmations and words of love and support can help you have the best relationships with yourself, which leads to better relationships with others.

Shungite. Wearing this crystal is helpful for EMF and energetic protection.
This is a must-have stone for anyone who uses technology, making it an essential energetic accessory. Shungite earrings are especially useful for protection from EMFs from using your cell phone especially since the stone sits closer to where you hold the phone to your head. Not only does Shungite help to minimize the effects of EMFs from your electronic devices, but it also works to detoxify your energy field of any other unwanted or negative energy. By wearing this stone, you can protect and detox yourself from energetic grime and negativity.

You can also combine the crystals you wear to benefit from more than one crystal energy at a time. The best combinations of crystals will be unique to each individual, so just because something works best for someone else doesn’t mean it will feel great for you. Trust yourself and most importantly, have fun.