Mirrors are and will forever be a must-have in any home or bathroom. To appear your best, whether you’re going to the workplace or the mall, you’ll need them to put on makeup, wash your face, try on clothes, and more. Due to the wonders of technology, however, mirrors aren’t just limited to simply taking a look at yourself. In today’s modern world, mirrors now offer so many functions and features that will help you get ready for the long day ahead. To assist you in finding the ideal one for your home, our team has scoured all of the internet to provide you with the top 7 highest-rated mirrors available.


00:00 – Introduction

**00:58** – GLAMCOR Vanity Makeup Mirror with Selfie Function
Link : https://geni.us/JpbT

**02:02** – FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirror
Link : https://geni.us/kz9B1Cz

**03:21** – Chende Large Vanity Mirror with Lights
Link : https://geni.us/feXn

**04:24** – simplehuman Mini Makeup Mirror
Link : https://geni.us/am5Pwx

**05:03** – KEDSUM Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights
Link : https://geni.us/vfLIiQ

**06:02** – HiMirror Slide: Smart Makeup Mirror
Link : https://geni.us/XcKvEVb

**07:02** – Easehold Led Vanity Makeup Mirror
Link : https://geni.us/n1kc


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